The Goldenstein Group is a multi-disciplinary research group focused on developing and applying next-generation optical diagnostics to advance the thermosciences and cutting-edge energy, propulsion, and defense applications. We develop new measurement techniques and optical technology which exploit light-matter interactions occurring on the molecular level. Our efforts currently focus on developing diagnostics based on: 1) laser-absorption spectroscopy, 2) laser-induced fluorescence, and 3) infrared imaging. We use these techniques to monitor how chemical species and gas conditions (temperature, composition) evolve in space and time in thermochemically dynamic environments (e.g., flames, shock and detonation environments, combustion engines) to understand the governing thermophysics and chemistry. More information regarding our diagnostic techniques and examples of their use can be found by following the menu.

Our current projects focus on developing and applying optical diagnostics for studying:

  • Fireballs used to erradicate biological weapons
  • Propellant chemistry and flame physics
  • Diesel engine aftertreatment systems
  • Hydrocarbon-fueled jet flames
  • Vibrational non-equilibrium in gases